Askew built is me acting as a sole trader with a registered business name
I engage two carpenters. Barry Theato and George McGaven. I bring in other contractors as the jobs demand e.g. electricians, plumbers and plasterers. I have good long term relationships with people involved in most trades and can through these people find quality reliable people for unusual situations.

I am licensed, as are the other trades, with the Queensland building services authority.

This organisation is a government body that controls licensing and regulation in the building industry. They have requirements for continued business operation such as assets to turn over. They also are instrumental in setting legislation to protect the public, such as the laws that govern the contracts and associated forms that are used in the building process. They have in place a dispute resolution process and a group of arbiters if there needs to be a third party introduced to resolve a dispute.

All jobs are insured with the QBSA to insure completion or rectification.

I have builders all risk insurance that insures against third party damage and damage done by my negligence. As I constantly involve my clients and employ building processes that are careful my clients have no need for the protection these insurances offer.

There are many laws that apply to the building process including the need for site signs, contracts that can be used etc extending to Work place health and safety.I and all those that work on my jobs take these rules seriously not just because they are the law but because behind these rules are a mechanism to get good outcomes and give peace of mind to our clients