AskewBuilt was established in 2001. Before becoming a builder I worked as a carpenter for builders and as a self-employed carpenter. After completing the HIA builder’s course and satisfying the BSA’s criteria I was granted a builders licence.

There are generally three of us. We have a wide range of skills and experience covering civic construction, office construction and joinery. On the domestic front this work has included foundations that bridge sewerage pipes and foundations in all types of soil. It also includes working with brick, concrete blocks, concrete, timber, tiles and steel. AskewBuilt has worked on houses ranging from raft slab brick veneer through to classic Queenslanders. We bring this diverse experience and an enjoyment of problem solving to all our work.
I believe I have a responsibility to my clients to inform them about what is involved in the whole building process from the contract itself, how the job will be run, the effect on the neighbours and the impact of noise, dust and safety. I also discuss the implications of decisions made by the client on such factors as design, budget and time frame. I think that the process should be demystified and actively encourage the owners, who will live in the house, to envisage the completed building so they can make more personalised decisions.
To me ethical business is about respect, honesty and recognition of the cooperative nature of building. Contracts with clients need to be clear and stuck to. Variations can’t have excessive margins. The product has to be produced to the standard agreed even if I’ve underestimated the cost. Suppliers and contractors paid when it’s been agreed on. This shows respect for the contributions that everyone makes.

I consider the impact on the environment when building. I minimise waste, order material with minimum extras. Recycle steel. Use “ to find people who may want what we’ve demolished. I use timber that I know to be sustainably harvested with a ‘chain of custody’ where possible.